2013…a change of direction

Hi there and welcome if you have linked through from my sister blog ‘Where the journey takes me’ – this is a new year and a change of direction for me.  I decided that great plans and new challenges needed a new space to log my progress.  My focus word for this year is REDUCE and I will be attempting to do this in all areas of my life and this will include my possessions, my spending, the waste we generate as well as more personal things like my weight.

This blog is all about reduction – if this a topic that you are interested in or if you are on the same journey then I hope you will follow along with me…any support or advice will be gratefully received!

I have now reached a point of saturation and I would prefer to live simply and modestly cutting down the need to have cupboards stuffed full of well …’stuff’ …stuff that is either never used or even worse I have never liked.

Certain areas I have identified as being in need of reduction

  • Spending
  • Weight
  • Possessions
  • Photos
  • Craft items
  • Magazines
  • Books (possibly)
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Food waste
  • Our Carbon Footprint which will include energy reduction

…and goodness knows what is in the garage and loft but I am sure this will need pretty drastic reduction!

Although my focus word is Reduce I will also be looking at

  • Recycling, re-homing and re-gifting
  • Re-using and using up
  • Restoring and repairing

My intention is to go through every room cupboard by cupboard and only keep either what we absolutely need or what I absolutely love or treasure.  (I already know the treasure bit is going to be difficult!).

I will attempt to put everything into one of four categories possibly with the aid of some small coloured sticky spots.

  • Red will be for definite keepers – things I love and treasure
  • Blue for things that we must keep even though we do not use them very often
  • Green for the well used items of necessity
  • Yellow for items that I will keep with a view to using as soon as possible to avoid waste

Everything else will have to go – either to charity, maybe sell on ebay or will be repaired, restored or reused.  I hope very little has to go in the bin – in fact my challenge is to throw nothing away but re-home everything.

So that is a brief summary of my intentions and plans – I am feeling quite excited and ready to go.

First on my agenda is reducing the food and food waste – items in the cupboards, fridge and freezer.  This will require a slightly different method to the spot system but something along those lines.  I will only keep a stock of the very basic foods that we always eat and I intend to buy these only when on offer.   This will probably include coffee, teabags, cereal, pasta etc.

Anything that is near to expiry date I will find a recipe to use it up as well as some of those left over ends of packets and bits and pieces and I will be taking much more care in future with what and how much I buy sticking rigidly to a meal plan and aiming to come within a defined budget (yet to be defined!).


5 thoughts on “2013…a change of direction

  1. Sarah

    Looking forward to reading your new blog,we have been on this journey of reduction for a few years and still feel as if I have some way to go. Have you visited some of the other blogs I visit with this theme? Sarah x


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