Reducing the Spending…the weekly shop

Last day at work for me this week so I can get back to the task of Reducing my ‘Stuff’ tomorrow at home.  Tonight I went to Sainsbury’s and did the shopping for the coming week (I hope).

I bought 25 items in all however, only 11 of those were on my shopping list!  Some items I had forgotten to add to the list such as Natural Yoghurt, Apples and small tub of coleslaw.  Other items were on offer and they are on my staples list.  Having given my staples list that I intend to keep stocks of more thought I have decided to update this and add a few more items like washing powder.

In future each time I go shopping I will check these items and I am challenging myself to buy these only when they are on offer.  It would be crazy to buy washing powder at any other time at full price as it is so expensive.  Bread and milk might be a bit tricky to always rely on offers but lets see how I go.

Shopping on offer

The items on offer today

One of the cereals I eat was reduced by 99p so I bought 2 boxes saving £1.98

The cheese was 2 packets for £4.50 so I bought Cheddar for cooking and Wensleydale for sandwiches saving 80p

The 4pint organic milk was 2 for £3 saving 58p

The cottage cheese will be perfect for my lunches next week and I earned 50 extra points with a coupon.

The Large size Petite Filous pots are 2 for £2 saving a £1

I couldn’t walk past the soap powder offer – Persil Non-Bio normally £12 now half price at £6 saving £6.

Fresh veg

The fresh fruit and veg

The lemons were reduced to 75p and I bought a block of butter (see below) and I will make some Lemon Curd.

The apples are for work for my Apple a Day (still keeping up to this!)

The leeks for a veggie stew

The parsnips to accompany the Mushroom and Nut Roast I will make at the weekend.

The Broccoli for Broccoli bake with the remaining mushrooms.

I will get around to posting my meal plan soon I promise.

Shopping not on offer

Items not on offer today

Above are items that I bought because we have, or are, running out of them and we will need them for breakfast, lunches and to make one my planned evening meals (Curry Paste).  The block of butter is for the Lemon Curd.



‘Star Buy’ for a Birthday Present

Not a good photo but these glass star tea light holders were reduced to 45p each and will make a perfect little birthday present for my friend at the end of January.

So to recap

25 items cost me £39.56 with all discounts and a 20p Sainsbury’s Brand match coupon.

I earned 131 Reward Points so my new balance is 1386 worth £6.93.

My cash spending today was £1.79 plus 2 Reward points on a well deserved Hot Chocolate in Sainsbury’s Cafe after work and before the shopping.  I decided a small treat at the end of the week no more than £2 is well worth it.

Free Magazine

Oh and I did manage to stay clear of the magazines and instead of buying one I picked up a Free one produced by Sainsbury’s – Live well for Less.

I have now got £2 36p left out of the £10 until Sunday.

How has your week of de-cluttering and reduced spending been?


4 thoughts on “Reducing the Spending…the weekly shop

  1. Anny

    What I’ve done this week: One ‘big’ shop, with a list – £50 – a top up mid-week £15. (About half what I’ve been running at for a few months). Made a madeira cake on Monday which the girls have taken in their packed lunches – depriving Cadbury’s of the cost of Minirolls. Finally got round to making my own granola again. Fridge looking OK, now just need a menu plan for next week. The main thing I’m pleased about, is that spending less and cutting waste has been top of mind – I feel active rather than panicky.

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      I find it takes a lot of energy and planning to keep on top of the shopping, cooking and spending – much more than just going out and doing a ‘grab anything’ shop with lots of handy ready meals! Well done you…I only hope I can keep up to my new ways it is so easy to let things slide when life gets busy!

  2. ournewlifeinthecountry

    I think the hardest thing in a supermarket is to walk past the lovely display of magazines. I used to be a real ‘addict’, buying one everytime I shopped, now I am happy with my Country Living and Vegetarian Living magazines which are both on subscription, but the Sainsburys one is always a big temptation when I’m stood at the checkout, it is such good value and I find the best of all the supermarkets ‘own’ mags. I bought the December one as it had a free calender (a good reason I told myself), but I am finding it hard to resist January, maybe if i just don’t go it at all I can avoid it and break the cycle.

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      Magazines will be my real test! Hubby has bought me a subscription to Country Living and I am trying not to buy Country Homes and the occasional Coast or Craft mags. I do have some ideas about this topic and will post about them soon.


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