Dealing with the matter of Food Waste – Part 4…

Pottering in the kitchen yesterday.  I am finding it is quite hard work being extra diligent about using up food and making the best use of any offers I have to plan my time well to make sure nothing goes to waste.

So to begin the day I made  Lemon Curd with the reduced  Lemons I bought earlier in the week plus the juice of one or two old ones I had from Christmas (as hard as rocks on the outside but the juice was fine) and I was determined I was not going to waste them.

Lemon Curd

All my ingredients are organic and I used an easy recipe not requiring too many eggs (as they have been earmarked for other meals) from my very old Marguerite Patten’s Everyday Cook Book that was given to me in 1976 as a wedding present.

Cookery Book

Everything but the eggs are put into the bowl to melt – the smell is heavenly.

Lemon Curd 2

Try it for yourself…

Rind 3 Lemons

Juice of 2 large

8oz sugar

4oz block butter

2 eggs

Grate the rind carefully removing just the ‘zest’ but none of the white pith.  Squeeze the juice from the fruit.  Put all ingredients except the eggs into a bowl over hot simmering water. Cook stirring from time to time, until butter and sugar have melted.  Add well beaten eggs (I sieve them to remove any gloopy white bits). Stir well and continue cooking until mixture coats the back of a wooden spoon.  Pour into jars that have been washed thoroughly and heated in the oven.  Add wax circles immediately.  Leave to cool then add lids.  Store in the fridge and eat within a month.

Jam Jars

My favourite jars for Lemon Curd I bought them years ago and have never seen anymore since.  These will definitely be on my keepers list.

Lemon Curd 3

Wax circles on and I can wait for it to cool down a little before putting on the lids.

Bramley Apples

Now turning  my attentions to using up 2 old Bramley apples.  Apple sauce goes so well with Nut Roast planned for Sunday evening.  I am even able to use the juice from the remaining old lemons to keep the apple from oxidizing.

Apple Sauce

Can’t wait for Sunday night tea – we will be using up the Sage and Onion Stuffing mix as well (expiry date Aug 2012!)

Harricot Bean Soup

Cooking over… time for lunch this is the remains of the Harricot Bean soup I made for tea on Friday night with bread and a little cheese and pickle.

I miscalculated the amount of celery I would need for the week so had to get my long suffering hubby to pick up some more whilst down in town as it is quite a staple ingredient for us.

Cost £1.20 for 2 bunches of organic plus he remembered to collect the 2 reward points.   So my £10 is now down to £1.16.

Scrimpers Tip

It was this purchase that has drawn my attention to the fact that you get a point for a part of a pound with Sainsbury’s Reward points,  I noticed this with the Hot Chocolate I bought the other night which was £1.79 plus 2 reward points.

So I reckon that if you bought each item of shopping separately you would end up with twice as many points but I think that might be taking scrimping to a whole new level and can you imagine the queue that would build up at the self checkout if I was to pay for each item separately!!

I am going to try though one day with a few items just to see if I am right about the points.

Draught Excluder

This is the reason my long suffering had gone to town –  a draught excluder strip for our front door,  which is real wood and it seems to have shrunk over the years and we found there was a howling gale coming through under the door.  Cost £10 paid on our debit card (and obviously not part of my £10 weekly allowance).   He knows better than to question my new obsession – and more draft stripping is part of my our energy cost cutting exercise and it gave him a nice little Saturday morning project so I could have the kitchen all to myself!

One of the new cost cutting drives is only the room we are sitting or working in  has a light on – ALL others must be switched off.  No leaving the landing light on after going to the loo or the one in the laundry room if you have been to the garage to sneak a drink from the mini bar during the adverts.  I am quite good at this anyway (that is turning off lights – not sneaking a drink)  but hubby not so – but he soon will be LOL

Later in the afternoon we had a trip to Ikea on our remaining £1.16.  We decided that as they have discontinued the Effektiv office range they might do the same with the Alex drawer unit and our plan was to get another to match one we bought last year and absolutely love.  It has been the best thing ever for craft items and large sheets of paper.  It was a hard decision because of the ‘No Spend’ challenge but we have been here before when something has been discontinued and we didn’t want to risk it.

However taking things seriously and not wanting to spend money going out other than for the item we purchased we debated what we should do about having a drink whilst out as it is normally a 4 hour expedition to Ikea – that would be 30 minutes to get there another 30 minutes to find a space and get parked and 3 hours to find and pay for what it is you have gone for!!

We did contemplate taking our little picnic stove to make a cup of tea in the car park but in the end as Ikea drinks are relatively cheap only 95p a cup we agreed to buy one,  mine from the £1.16 I had left and hubby put in a £1 of his left over allowance.  We did take a piece of Christmas cake each to have with our drinks.

Scrimpers Tip

It doesn’t take long to get into the flow of saving money –  I am noticing prices so much more and after going through the checkouts in Ikea I saw that the Take Out kiosk in Ikea at the exit have a drink for 95p plus 2 doughnuts and a free refill.  So next time if we were scrimping we could buy a drink for one of us and pour it into a spare paper cup, have a doughnut each then the other go back to claim the refill.  So a drink and a doughnut each for only 48p where could you get that cheaper?

So I now have 21p left today.  Perhaps I will start a savings jar for the left over weekly allowance rather than carry it over.


7 thoughts on “Dealing with the matter of Food Waste – Part 4…

  1. anexactinglife

    The lemon curd looks wonderful and I love your jars. I have been meaning to try making lemon curd but all the recipes I’ve seen use at least 4 egg yolks and I didn’t know what I’d do with just the whites! I have a giant Ikea Effektiv desk in my home office and I always wished I had bought the matching filing cabinets! Well done with the 21p left over 🙂

  2. ournewlifeinthecountry

    Brilliant saving money, it is good once you get in the habit and it seems to be a habit that is easy to get into once you give it a go thank goodness. I love the Lemon Curd I make it just the same way, (and your jars are my favourite sort, but they are harder to get hold of than any others aren’t they and very expensive new).

    anexactinglife – you could use the egg whites for Meringues (they go SO well with the Lemon Curd), or simply add them to a couple of full eggs next time you are making Scrambled Eggs.


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