January De-cluttering and No/Low Spend Challenge…

I’m a late starter but I am taking part in Carla’s January Decluttering & No/Low Spend Challenge! For details click here

My Personal Goals

De-cluttering Goal

(apart from the whole house!)  I aim to have the Kitchen / Dining Room spic and span and clear of any clutter.  This will mean all cupboards both food, dishes, pots and pans including on the tops of cupboards, worktops, shelving and in those dark forgotten corners.

Decluttered food cupboardsWeeks 1 and 2

I cleaned out the food cupboards and the freezer drawers. Read about it here Dealing with the matter of Food Waste Part 2 and Part 3

Freezer Drawers

This coming week I aim to de-clutter the Kitchen cupboard that holds the saucepans and baking / casserole dishes.

No/Low Spend Goal

I am cutting my weekly allowance down to £10 and taking lunches to work from home.  We aim to only buy absolute necessities and just enough food to add to the items stored in our cupboards and Freezer to make enough meals to cover January.

Read about my efforts for the last week here  and also dealing with the matter of Food Waste Part 4

Unplanned – We did go out and buy an Ikea Alex storage chest which wasn’t part of the plan but we did not want to risk it being discontinued as they have the Effktiv range of office furniture.  this money will come from savings.

This week I will continue with my £10 allowance and only buy essential food shopping.  I have both my mum and mum-in-laws birthdays this weekend and will have to buy presents.  We will also have a 90 mile trip to Shrewsbury to see mum-in-law and this will be a further challenge to see if we can do this on only £20. I can see we are going to have to pack the picnic stove again (but not the Cup-a -Soup!)

At the end of last week I had 21p but in reality I had saved at least £10 and probably £20 as I often could not manage on £20 a week and found myself going to the cash card for another £10.

Are you taking part in the challenge?


11 thoughts on “January De-cluttering and No/Low Spend Challenge…

  1. ~Carla~

    Your pantry is sooo organized!! If you saw mine, you’d faint i’m sure! lol!! Thinking this will be a good upcoming challenge.. and just think, you’ll already be done! 😉 lol!

  2. Anny

    I do whole-heartedly agree with the beneficial effects of a good sort out, but yesterday, having a go at a drawer in my study (grandiose term for my corner of what used to be the dining-room in a previous life), I realised that I have a lot of stuff I’ve forgotten about that I am actually very pleased to own. I ended up with a really contented feeling – more a case of counting my blessings and being grateful for what I’ve got. I shall think of those bits and pieces as some of my assets.

    Enjoying the process so far!

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      I like nothing better than doing some corners of my house that hold a lot of treasures – my dining room cupboard for one with bits and pieces of old china and silverware passed down the generations or lovely little gifts from the children. It is like spending an afternoon going through old photo albums.

  3. anexactinglife

    I am doing a big clear-out (2 rooms) and will be replacing some old storage furniture with some more useful pieces. So, lots of de-cluttering but also lots of spending! (Of course, will be exploring all options for used furniture, etc.)

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