January De-cluttering and No/Low Spend Challenge…

I am following the January De-cluttering and No/Low Spend Challenge led by Carla at My Half Dozen Daily.

Week 3

The De-cluttering

As part of the general de-cluttering going on here rather than do an actual closet for my challenge this week I decided I needed to go through all my Christmas decorations before I packed them away in the loft and weedle out anything that I really didn’t want / like / have room for. (Hope this counts as a closet Carla!)

I have accumulated a lot of beautiful real glass vintage baubles which belonged to my grandma and a few more retro ones from my mum.   I use different ones each year and I will always keep them as part of my treasured family heirlooms.   I also find myself the keeper of the ‘Santa’ hats for the whole family – the ones we wear when we have our big get together each year and we must have about 20 or more assorted styles now, some flashing, some musical and some not even Santa!

The garland that decorates the stair case comes in two halves and each takes up a whole bankers box.

All the Christmas decorations have been sorted and packed away and everything I have kept I know that I truly love and wouldn’t part with – the baubles are now wrapped in tissue and nestling in their own little compartments to keep them safe for another year…


the stockings lay empty once again and waiting to be wrapped in tissue and placed in the box with the Santa hats…


and at last everything is together, like with like in labelled boxes and then like a puzzle out of the Krypton Factor I pack these to fit as snugly and economically as possible into three larger bankers boxes…

Christmas Decor

as I am already up to six boxes!  I don’t need anymore.

Stack of boxes

They are spending the next eleven months stored away in the loft again and I am glad that mammoth task is over… my secret helper… a few Christmas chocolate treats on the side makes the job easier to tackle!

Chocolate helpers

The Financial Challenge

On the Financial side the challenge was to ‘Give’ and although it wasn’t this week exactly I am hoping Carla will let me use this as part of the January challenge it just took place a week earlier.

Each morning on my way to work from the car park I would walk past a young guy who would sit under the subway in the freezing cold and say hi to the passers by hoping for a little change, and each morning I would oblige with 50p or £1.  On my first day back at work after Christmas he was sitting there as usual but with a big grin on his face and so excited to tell me his news that he had been found a flat by an organisation that help the homeless and round his neck was the key.  He was even more excited because it had a kitchen and bathroom.  He expressed his gratitude for the help I had provided over the past few months and in a funny way we were both sad that he would not be sitting there in the future.  As a flat warming present I handed him a £5, it was all I had on me at the time, and I sincerely wished him well as we said our final goodbye’s.  Like Bernard  he came into my life and then went again so quickly – my mornings are quite lonely now without them both.

How did your week go?



10 thoughts on “January De-cluttering and No/Low Spend Challenge…

  1. Sue

    I love that you made a real connection with the (formerly) homeless guy. How good to know part of someones story and how heartwarming that he was able to thank the folk that helped him out when he needed it most and let them know his outcome.

    I can’t believe how many boxes of Christmas decorations you have ….lol. An amazing array of gorgeous things. I have one small box of treasured items and this is supplemented with natural goods gathered in the weeks before Christmas each year. I hate storing things and our loft is merely full of empty boxes and our landlords possessions.

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      I am always a bit wary of some of the people begging on the streets as you often wonder if the money you give them might go straight into buying drugs or alcohol. I never thought this guy did either – he always seemed quite genuine.
      Parting with my Christmas Decorations – some of which were my grans, some my mums and some from our penniless just married days, oh and then there are the ones the girls have made or bought for me each year since they were toddlers, I just couldn’t be separated from them. But I will promise to stop at the 6 boxes and of those 2 contain the rather bulky garland and one all those Santa hats! I do like the idea of an empty loft though but in my case it would have to have 6 boxes of decorations if nothing else.

  2. Anny

    I do admire your spirit. Our decorations went back in the attic on 6th Jan and although you’ve pricked my conscience – I know we have far too many – I don’t think they’ll make a reappearance until December – well not unless we have a very hot summer and I want something to remind me of cold days…

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      Packing my decorations away is like packing away lots of good memories – but I know they have to go back into the loft. It is a bit like re-reading an old journal and then putting it away again for a while.

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      I try to keep an open mind – everyone has a story before they got to the point of begging and some of us are more fortunate than others in many ways. I always think ‘there but for the grace of God go I’

  3. Sarah

    Your Christmas decorations are packed away so beautifully! I always look at the decorations that I haven’t used and put them in a separate bag ready to give to charity shops next year.
    Sarah x


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