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Reducing the Spending…the weekly shop 7 & 8#

With one thing or another I am a bit behind with my posts and in fact I can’t even remember myself where I have got to!  So I will do a quick review of the last week or two and then get back on track.

My shopping total for week 7 came to £29.88 a much cheaper shop as I was only buying a few necessary items to be able to make the next seven days menus and I had planned these around using up one or two items such as the Sos Mix and the Christmas pudding.  You can see how I am doing by clicking on the ‘Items to Use up’  tab at the top of the header.  As I incorporate these items from my cupboard/ fridge and freezer that are nearing their use by date into my weekly menu plans I will be crossing them off my list.

Week 8 I spent £25.51 and this was mainly fresh fruit and vegetables however I did need some Britta water filter cartridges and managed to hold out until they were on offer this week but they were my dearest purchase at £9 for a box of only 3.  I had a couple of minor purchases of salad and more nuts on offer over the weekend.  We went to visit my very sick friend and I made Nut Loaf and took salad for lunch for all of us followed by a Cherry Crumble and Creme Fraiche.

I had a £4.50 coupon to spend from Tesco before it expired this week.  Hubby and me paced up and down the isles not really knowing what to spend this on.  We thought maybe cards as we have quite a few birthdays coming up but the selection was very mediocre in our local store.  So then we checked out all our usual purchases but nothing was on offer until I came to the Passata and beans both on offer.  Then we splashed out on a piece of Spanish Manchego cheese as a treat…yum!  My hubby could not believe it took us the best part of an hour to spend £4.50!

Tesco Coupon

In Boots I bought face cream on a 3 for 2 offer and cotton wool pads on buy one get one half price and shower gel for hubby on 3 for 2.  I had been waiting for ages for these items to be on offer and was really scraping the last of the cream and almost down to the last cotton wool pad.  it is a very good feeling not to buy anything at full price.  I feel almost cheated now if I do have to hand over the full amount of cash for any reason.

I have now got two £5 off coupons for Boots No 7 and an extra points coupon for the hair mousse that I use.  I have a coupon for the Body Shop for £10 off a £25.00 purchase in March but I don’t think I would use it so would be happy to post it on to anyone who would like it.

I will be doing a full review for my spending in February and comparing this to January.  I feel that I have done better this month and I have certainly tried harder with both the meal planning and eating meals made of seasonal produce.  Our waste of fruit and veg is quite minimal and at long last I am getting to use up the bits and pieces not only from the food cupboards but also the bathroom cupboard, the craft cupboard and very shortly I will begin in the garage and shed.

How are you doing with your plans so far?


February Meal Plan Week 2#


Chick Pea and Tomato Bake


  • Lunch – Leftovers
  • Evening meal – Leek and Potato soup with added Butter Beans and fresh Ciabatta rolls

Saturday (at Beach Cottage)

  • Lunch –  Finish soup from Friday with fresh wholemeal rolls
  • Evening meal – Bought Pizza, Baked Potato and peas


  • Lunch  – For the journey home – Sandwiches Wenslydale cheese and tomatoes
  • Evening meal –  Pea and Rice Risotto bakes and Baked Beans


  • Lunch – Bought  – Baked Potato, salad, cheese and coleslaw
  • Evening meal – Chickpea and Tomato bake with Broccoli


  • Lunch – Leftover Chickpea and Tomato bake with French bread
  • Evening meal – Leek and Mushroom stuffed pancakes, followed by plain pancakes with lemon and sprinkled sugar as a pudding


  • Lunch – Egg and Watercress sandwiches, plain Popchips
  • Evening meal –  Lentil Shepherds Pie with Brussels sprouts followed by Brown Rice Pudding


  • Lunch – Cream Cheese and Tomato Sandwich with Watercress, Rice Pudding and fruit
  • Evening meal – Leftover Shepherds Pie, Broad Beans

Stuffed Pancakes

Leek and Mushroom stuffed pancakes

These meals have been planned using 80% seasonal foods where possible and also using up some store cupboard items like the Brown Pudding Rice.

Use up this week

  • Oatbran – as face pack
  • Stem Ginger – make Ginger Biscuits
  • Defrost some frozen berry fruits and blend to have with Yoghurt for breakfast

Reducing the Spending…the weekly shop 6#…

OMG I fear that overnight I have become an empty trolley stalker.  I am finding that I cannot pass those rows of neatly parked trollies at the supermarket without my eyes quickly scanning them up and down for coupons that might have been left inside.

People do walk away and leave their coupons…I know unthinkable isn’t it!  All those lovely money off offers and additional points.  I tell myself I am just helping Mr Sainsbury to keep his trolley bays tidy by scooping them up and relieving them of any potential litter.  So far I have had a few additional reward points and one of their Brand Match money back coupons.  In fact I feel disappointed if I do not find any ‘left overs’ when I go to collect my trolley.

But worse still as I drive away and pass each trolley bay on the way out of the car park I feel my head turning to quickly scan all the empty trollies.  I feel sure that if I had spotted coupons left in them I would have to stop the car and go and and collect them!  Can I be put away for this??

My shopping trip last Thursday was another learning curve and in hindsight (which is always a wonderful thing) it wasn’t a very well planned shop although it was intended to be.  Somewhere along the way I think I over planned and bought too much forgetting that some nights I needed to allow more for eating up leftovers, as well as having something suitable to eat with the left overs and it became I race to eat up fresh foods before they became past their best.

I had intended back in January that I would use up some of the items in my cupboards and when I came to review my list this week I noticed I had got so far then stopped.  I think this had probably something to do with my meal planning and the fact that once I get my nose in a cookery book for ideas I start planning to make loads of new meals.

But overall not a bad week – we had some really nice meals although as you will see in a minute as you read on not a particularly cheap week.

The General Spend

Out of my £10.00 this week I bought a newspaper to cut out the memoriam notice we put in to remember my dad’s passing away.  I also bought extra potatoes and leeks to make more soup to take to Scotland and I had my hot choc treat.

  • Local newspaper for sad add – £0.55p
  • Potatoes and Leeks for a simple Soup –  £5.00
  • Pre-shop hot – choc pleasure – £1.79

Balance left for weekend £2.66

The Weekly Shop

With the success of last weeks shop following my meal plan I set off down the aisles with some confidence this week.  My list was fairly short and included mostly fresh fruit and veg but once again I had to decide which and how many of the items I found on offer to buy.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the offers, some items seem to be on permanent offer and others come and go.  There are items on my list which I am hoping will be on offer soon because until they are and I can stock up I am having to pay full price – such a let down.

I also had to plan with our trip to Scotland at the weekend in mind.  We often eat on the journey or get a drink and a bun and these add up over the course of the weekend.  So I took homemade cake this time and made sandwiches for the return journey on Sunday rather than buying lunch.  I made a large pan of Leek and Potato soup with added Butter Beans for protein on Friday which was our tea before setting off and our Saturday lunch with the fresh rolls.   I was quite pleased with myself that I noticed the Pizza on offer and this became our Saturday night evening meal only £1.87.   So although I am saving some money on not eating out I do have to spend a little more in the supermarket.  This is the same for my lunches at work – I am still making my own rather than buying lunch but it does add to the food bill.


The Offers

  • 2 x 4 pints organic milk  2 for £3.00 saving  £0.58p
  • 2 cartons Soya milk  2 for £2.00 saving £0.78p
  • 2 x 4 pots fromage frais  2 for £2 saving £1.00
  • 2 Butter  2 for £5.00 saving £1.00
  • 2 organic wholemeal loves 2 for £1.50 saving £0.30p
  • 2 x 3 rolls  3 for 2   £1.60 saving £0.80p
  • 2 cartons tomato passata 2 for £1.50 saving £0.40p
  • Pizza on offer at £1.87p
  • 2 x Large Ecover washing up liquid on offer at £1.50p each

Fruit and Veg

Fruit and Veg

  • 1 bag organic carrots  £1.30
  • 1 bag organic apples  £2.50
  • 1 bunch organic leeks  £2.00
  • 1 5k bag organic potatoes  £2.45
  • 1 bunch organic celery  £1.20
  • 1 x 3 courgettes  £1.75
  • 1 head broccoli  £1.10
  • 2 bananas  £0.24
  • 1 box organic white mushrooms  £1.28
  • 1 bunch Spring onions  £0.85
  • 1 box cherry tomatoes  £1.50
  • 12 Brussels sprouts  £0.53
  • Half Swede  £0.47
  • 1 pack organic beetroot  ££1.00

Store Cupboard

The Store Cupboard

  • 1 jar Manuka 10+ honey  £12.99
  • 1 Carton organic green lentils
  • 1 carton organic chickpeas
  • 1 bag Popchips introductory offer £1.00
  • 1 bag organic porridge oats  £1.59
  • 1 bag wholewheat Penne  £1.05
  • 1 klarge multi-seeded loaf  £1.40 (this has increased in price by 5p)




  • 1 carton natural organic yoghurt   £2.50
  • 1 Jarlsbrrg cheese  £1.98
  • 1 small tub coleslaw  £0.55
  • 6 large organic eggs  £2.10
  • 2 x small organic yoghurts £0.90
  • 1 bag frozen organic garden peas  £2.20



  • 1 pair Marigold gloves £2.15


Total  spent

50 items Total spend £71.63

Reward points earned 142

Bonus points coupon  120

Bag re-use 5

Total Points 2416 worth £12.08

So to recap

You have probably noticed that I have gone over my £50 limit – I noticed too!!

I am finding it hard to stock up on the basic items and take advantage of the offers whilst keeping under the £50.  My downfall this week appears to be the items on offer that were not on my list to buy that came to £9 50, as well as the Manuka honey which was the dearest item at £12.99 but well worth it as I use it for medicinal purposes.  Then there are the rubber gloves at £2.15 (ouch!).  I used to get cheap ones from Wilkinsons but then they began to make them thinner and slimmer and in the end they cost more to keep replacing them as I would quickly pull holes in them trying to get them off.  So now I get the thicker ones that last longer and I can use in the garden if I spring a hole.

So that is £22.64 more than intended and had I not bought these items I would have been within my £50 limit.

Looking at the amount of veg I bought this time I realise that I need to look more closely at my menu planning otherwise I end up with a lot of bits and pieces that are liable to go off before I can use them.  With better planning I think I will be able to actually buy less allowing me a little more leeway to spend on the offers.

With my new insights it will be interesting to see if I can keep within budget on my next shopping trip.





February Menu Plan – Week 1#

At last…and what kept me so long?  Reading other blogs if I am truthful – a good way to pass an hour or six!!  But as promised a few posts ago my menu plan.  We have already made and eaten most of it as mine begins on a Friday (after the Thursday shop) unlike Menu Plan Monday that I see most people are following.  I am still debating which day is best for shopping so Thursday could be subject to change.

I have tried to use 80% seasonal foods as well as include any foods that were left over in the fridge from last week.


Menu Plan – February Week 1

  • Friday – Leek and Potato Soup (making enough to freeze for a lunch or two at work next week)
  • Saturday – Courgette and Feta Tart – (using up the courgettes and Spring Onion from last week) with winter salad (grated beetroot and carrot, potato salad, coleslaw) and watercress (I know this isn’t exactly seasonal but being vegetarian I need the iron).  Extra salad to take to work.
  • Sunday – Walnut Nut Roast which has peppers in it (to use the last of those expensive ones I bought last week!) with Roast  Parsnips and Brussel Sprouts
  • Monday – Mushroom Strudel (which has brown rice in it) with Sweetheart Cabbage and Sweet Potato
  • Tuesday – Left over Nut Roast with Swede and Potato mash, carrots and frozen peas (otherwise I would have withdrawal symptoms from peas by now) and frozen Broad Beans.
  • Wednesday – Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake (which has potato, celery, leek and a tin of tomatoes) with a Ground Rice pudding and Prunes to follow.
  • Thursday – Pasta with a pot of sauce from the fridge (need quick meal here as I will have been shopping and it will be late) – with any left over veg and  might also sneak in some more Peas.

 Broccoli Bake

So far I have managed to stick to the plan and this means I only buy the veg we need to do the recipes and this cuts down on potential waste as I don’t buy veg just in case I might make something or other.

February Challenge

Plans for Spending and Food Shopping





As I have now completed Carlas January Challenge (thank you Carla for getting us all motivated and taking the time to organise this) I will replace the time spent by concentrating on my Menu Plans and seasonal eating as well as the ongoing de-clutter

I need to have a clear idea of what is in season as I feel I am a little out of touch since I stopped growing our own veg and also it is so easy to forget when you can buy most produce year round in the supermarket.  I can also check out the prices in the supermarket so that I can answer my question ‘is the seasonal food really cheaper than the non-seasonal produce flown in from abroad’?

I have other reasons for wanting to eat seasonally in that I am all in favour of getting back to what is natural and that is one of the reasons I go for Organic because it is grown in a less artificial environment and without nasty pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

So after a little research on this site Eat Seasonably  where you can print off a handy little chart and Eat the Seasons I have found that the produce


  • Brussel sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Kale
  • Leeks
  • Parsnips
  • Potatoes
  • Shallots
  • Swede
  • Turnips
  • Oranges
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Lemons
  • Pears
  • Pineapple
  • Rhubarb
  • Brazil and walnuts

Now I can hear a few mutterings of why do I continue to buy in the supermarket?  Partly convenience as I can do all my shopping after work on a Thursday and this saves petrol but also in my part of the country which is mainly dairy farms and sheep rearing we have a scarcity of anything that can be called a Farm Shop or farmers market and although the produce is fresh it is not organically grown.

I could on the other hand have an Organic box delivered from the wholefood shop in town but I would need to get my act together on this one as they are surprise boxes and I believe you have to plan your menu around the contents.

So one step at a time – I will firstly get into the habit of shopping to my plan and making the majority of my purchases seasonal before venturing into something more complicated and time consuming.

According to the above list then we will be settling down to lashings of Leek and Potato soup sprinkled with Walnuts accompanied by Orange marmalade and a Rhubarb Fool for dessert!

February Goals for Spending and Food Shopping

  • Buy 80% Seasonal Produce
  • Use the seasonal guide to plan each weeks menu incorporating any use up foods from cupboard clearance
  • Shop by menu plan
  • Continue to avoid any waste of fresh foods
  • Keep to the £50 or under for weekly main shop
  • Keep to £10 weekly personal allowance


Financial Plans





January was a tight month but we have made it through with careful budgeting and a no spend policy.  We had a trip to Shrewsbury and a visit form my daughter to allow for but we were as economical as the circumstances would allow.  I am sure we could have done even better with even more thought and planning but as they say practice makes perfect and as we will have many weekends away this year visiting my relatives and going to Scotland I should get better at it as we go through the year.

If you have been keeping up with my blog you will know that we did purchase a set of Alex Ikea drawers for our Craft come Office room as a guarantee that they would not be discontinued just as we were about to buy them, and also a draught strip for the Front Door.  I consider them to be wise purchases and we are already reaping the benefits of both.

We have yet to finalize our plans for February so our finances will be based around the jobs we do in the house and any visits to Scotland and relatives that we decide on.

A word about our biggest monthly outlay – the mortgage.

I spend quite a bit of time on other blogs and for many of them the main goal is to reduce their mortgage.  We are no different in that we use both passive income and earnings income to generously overpay each month but as we are on quite a beneficial mortgage rate at the moment (tracked at 2% over the base rate currently 0.5% making it only 2.5%) and guaranteed for the life time of the mortgage this causes us a dilemma.

In real terms this means that we are better to put any excess money firstly into ISA accounts that attract a rate over this amount and then ordinary savings where the net is also above 2.5%.  If mortgage rates then rise we can transfer any easy access money immediately over to our mortgage which is also penalty free for overpayment.

So our goals will not be to directly pay off our mortgage with all our saved monies but rather to increase our savings and with the addition of compound interest as well will subsequently increase our passive income and this will eventually be used to pay off our mortgage.

Although it is good to see that mortgage figure come down each month it is not beneficial to ignore what we can get in savings.  So my plan is to estimate what my outstanding mortgage figure would look like if we reduced the mortgage using the earmarked savings for this purpose.

February Goals for Financial matters

  • Continue in the No spend mode
  • Shop around for good investments – check interest rates available
  • Get new up to date pension advice
  • Learn more about Immediate Vesting Personal Pensions


De-cluttering Plans

Clothes heap

On the De-cluttering side I have managed to clear out the food cupboards, fridges and freezer and I am using up any old foods or items of mad moment purchase that had worked their way to the darkest corner of my shelves.

My toy boxes and Treasures are all in order, together with my planner and handbag diary that have been updated.  Barbie and Sindy have had a makeover and all their glad-rags washed and pressed so now it is my turn!  I must get my wardrobe in order and if there is any time left after dealing with the heap of clothes I will address the heap of photographs we have accumulated – (some our own and some acquired from packing up mum-in-law’s home) and the tedious job of shredding the dead financial papers from 2011 and replacing them with 2012 papers to archive.

February Goals for De-Cluttering

  • Completely go through all clothes and footwear I own, Summer and Winter, and anything in between
  • Finances – Discard and shred old archive papers in loft.  Archive last years Household Folder.
  • Photographs – put old ones into the albums with dates etc and go through Mum-in-laws photos to extract ‘keepers’ – duplicates and copies to sister-in-law

There I have set out my stall as they say so I am counting on all of you to hold me to account!!

Drum roll…drrrrrrrrrrrum roll…





Most of you will be in bed now (it is 11.25pm) but I just had to mention before I turn in for the night that  I arrived home earlier to discover a message from Sue over at Our New Life in the Country saying she had nominated me for an award or two.

Of course I am highly delighted to accept even if my better half is slightly bemused by it all and is rather relieved that I do not have to have a new dress to collect it, and I am relieved I don’t have to make one of those famous red carpet appearances complete with thank you speech…you know the ones that go “I want to thank my long suffering partner for making all my meals whilst I blog, my mother for supporting me by doing all my washing and ironing and keeping me looking half decent whilst I blog, my teacher for persevering in teaching me how to spell so that my blog is legible, my cousins, neighbours, sisters, friends pet dog etc…”

But first I have to abide by the rules

1.  Thank the person who nominated you.

I have posted a personal thank you on Sue’s blog but just in case an extra THANK YOU here to Sue for thinking of me.

2. Add the Lovely Blog / Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post

Done that as you can see above

3. Share 7 things about yourself – here goes

  • Courtesy of Oxfam I have 3 goats and an Alpaca  – they are called Arthur Goat, Annie Goat Giddy Goat and Alfie Alpaca.
  • My better half and I own an acre of protected rain forest in Belize which we hope to go and visit one day.
  • As Art students in Cheltenham in the early 1970’s we challenged ourselves to have a fully biodegradable, totally non-plastic kitchen (not a plasti-pot in sight) in order to prove that you can live without plastics.
  • If we ever had a fire, after saving my better half and any children in the house, I would have to run back in to save my Journals.
  • I have a wonderful collection of old postcards that I have been collecting now for 48 years.  They range from pictures of seaside towns to concrete car parks and shopping centres; one or two have a famous autograph on the back.  Friends who know me well join in and send me the most boring ones they can find whilst on their jollies.  Sometimes the best bit about them is the ‘Wish you were here’ messages on the back.
  • If I have to go more than 3 days without eating peas then I would get severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • My dream is to own a small camper van and set off into the sunset of our twilight years and tour around the world

4. Pass the award onto 10 Nominees in no particular order as all the best shows say

  1. An Exacting Life – for being well… so exacting and funny with it
  2. Linden Grove – for her sense of spirituality, her creativity and her beautiful cat Gizmo
  3. My Little Red Suitcase – because I covet the fact that she can crotchet cushions to die for.
  4. Move to Portugal – because she motivates me to Sort, Simplify and Save
  5. The Happy Caravan –  because I just love those old caravans
  6. Mad Maison –  for her amusing musings
  7. Wondrissima – for I am wondering the exact same things and her photos are just beautiful
  8. Gardening Nirvana –  because I am hoping she will come and sort out my garden for me!
  9. Lightly Crunchy because her humour and recent kids video are something else
  10. Beautiful Square Feet – because she has some great ‘Make do and Mend’ moments

There were so many many more and one or two that I know have already been named (Rusty Duck!) and some that have sadly retired from blogging for a while.

However if you are a chosen one and you already have this award or do not wish to accept then that is fine with me.

5. For those of you who accept here are your rules again…

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.
4. Pass the award on to 10 nominees.
5. Include this set of rules.
6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

6. Now all I have to do is pop over to each of you and leave a comment




Reducing the Spending…the weekly shop 5#…

I have been on holiday from work all week this week and up until yesterday I hadn’t spent a penny, my £10 remained quite content in my purse and was remarkably silent, no screaming ‘spend me, spend me’ as soon as I open it, in fact I hadn’t opened it to even check the £10 is still there.

So this week I have discovered that by not going to work I save on petrol, car parking, donations to brown envelopes, and incidentals.  I also save on footwear and clothes (both wearing and washing of) and shampoo and conditioner (as I have washed my hair every other day whilst at home).  So someone please remind me again why I go out to work it seems cheaper to stay at home LOL!!

Throughout the month I have kept tabs on my spending down to the last penny.  I have challenged myself to £10 a week allowance and surprisingly have managed to keep my spending within this limit – so again I ask myself why in the past have I had to withdraw £20 to £30 from the cash card each week and what on earth did I spend it on?  Probably all the excess ‘stuff’ I am now trying to get rid of from our house!  Stuff in… stuff out –  so the brilliant answer to my ‘stuff’ problem is easy isn’t it – don’t buy it in the first place.  Why did I not see this before?

I am now learning to transfer the feel good of spending onto the even more feel good of saving.  Now I have no wish to be labelled a Scrooge or a tight wad and I am not sure I even like the title penny pinching and scrimping as I have always tried to be a generous person giving my time or money freely as needed.  So although it probably all boils down to the same thing I am choosing to become ECONOMICAL instead mainly because the ‘eco’ bit has an important meaning for me in that if I reduce my spending I reduce my stuff and I therefore reduce the amount of eventual landfill rubbish.

In my quest then to become economical I can now tell you the price of a lot of the items in my cupboard and even though my better half thinks I am a bit strange photographing our shopping it does help me to really SEE what my money has been spent on and the percentage of offers per shop that I have been successful in buying.

So this was my final January shopping day so how did I do?

The General Spend – my personal £10 allowance

plus £20 cash towards hair cut

  • To add to £20 for hair cut actual costs £22   –  £2.00
  • Tip for Hairdresser  –   £2.00   (for a £22 cut and blow dry – is that a usual, generous or mean tip?)
  • Hot chocolate treat  –   £1.79 and 2 Reward points

Balance left for the weekend £4.21

The Weekly Shop

I had everything planned down to the last carrot this week – I set off for Sainsbury’s armed with my meal plan, lunch plan, coupons, list and large note to self – IF IN DOUBT DON’T BUY IT!

Everything started well (as usual), the store was virtually empty without any panic buyers this week (no snow forecast then!) but then the unexpected happened which immediately sends me into a mad flap of indecision and not even the thought of another hot chocolate treat (if I had had the money to buy one) would calm me down.  It is always the offers that get me every time.   I stand in the isle like a gibbering wreck muttering to myself- ‘Do I or don’t I’ and trying hard to work the unit prices out in my head.

Firstly it was the Mango Chutney (we never eat curry without it) which was on my list as the jar had just been completely emptied the night before.  I then discovered it was on offer at a £1 a jar – normally £1.99 – seemed like a bargain to me so I put 3 in my trolley a saving of £2.97 or is it ? when I would only have spent £1 for one and saved myself 99p.

We do use it frequently and should probably be on my stock items list so if it is on the list I am covered as my guidance is I buy stock items on offer…phew…sorted!

Next steering round into the cereal isle I spy the Oatbix flakes still on offer but definitely not on my list.  It is a stock item though so I decide to buy another box only £2 saving £0.69p.  I have now got a stack of seven boxes in my cupboard and couldn’t possibly get another box in.  I just hope I don’t go off them or get an allergy to flakes.

So you get the gist of my dilemmas and to say that overall my weekly shop is much smaller it is taking me twice as long!

Offers week 4

Items on Offer

  • 1 pack Oatflakes   £2.00
  • 3 Mango Chutney @ £1.00 each (save £2.97)
  • 2 Cartons Passata with Basil 2 for £1.50 (save £0.40p)
  • 2 Semi-skimmed milk  2 for £3.00 (save 0.58p)
  • 1 Pack Cauliflower and Broccoli £1
  • 1 Half Swede reduced to £0.14
  • 1 Bag Crisps £1.00   (save £0.50p)
  • 2 Alpro Soya Milk 2 for £2  (save £0.70p)
  • 2 Organic Wholemeal 2 for £1.50  (save £0.30)

Fruit and Veg

Fruit and Veg

    • Bag Organic Carrots 750g   £1.30
    • Bag Organic Potatoes   £3.00
    • Bunch Organic Leeks  £2.00
    • Net of Organic Onions  £1.00
    • Loose Brussels Sprouts (approx 12)  £0.48
    • 1 Cabbage Organic  £1.40
    • 1 Bag organic parsnips  £1.50
    • 2 bunches organic celery  £1.20


    Items not on offer

Store Cupboard

  • Organic Shell Pasta   £1.05
  • Decaff Espresso   £3.69
  • 1 Carton Lentils  £0.79
  • 1 Carton Butter Beans  £0.79
  • 1 Tin Baked Beans   £0.57
  • 1 tin Organic Cocoa   £2.20
  • 2 Organic Bloomers @ £1.20  £2.40 (misread shelf label – thought these were on offer!)
  • 2 box Tissue   £2.00
  • 1 Ciabbatta loaf as a treat £1.50 to go with the soup
  • 1 organic brown rice  £1.79
  • 1 Organic Coconut milk  £2.09 extortionate regrettable bad buy
  • 1 small jar Korma paste  £1.49
  • 1 can Organic baked beans  £0.57
  • 1 organic mixed bag nuts  £3.59
  • 2 packs Frozen Pea and Mint Risotto cakes  2 for £4.00 (good standby meal)
  • 1 pack Frozen Broad Beans £0.79 with 40 bonuspoints


  • 1 large Natural Yoghurt  £2.50
  • 1 Coleslaw  £0.55
  • 6 organic medium eggs for baking  £1.40

Total spent

43 items Total Spend £60.82

Reward Points earned 120

Bonus Points for Broad Beans and over £30 spend 160

Bag re-use 4

Total Points balance 2079 worth  £10.39

So to recap

I make that a £10 82 overspend this week.  If I had not bought the coconut milk and the extra bread that I thought was a two for offer and wasn’t I would have been £4.49 better off.  The nuts are expensive at £3.59 but then again we do not eat meat.  I added the stand by Risotto cakes £4.00 and not on my list but were on offer and they are handy in case I need a night off cooking.

I have now got a menu plan which will be another post and I have been looking at buying seasonal which will be in more detail there.  I did check out the prices for the seasonal produce and to be quite honest it doesn’t appear any cheaper than the non-seasonal.  Some items I have bought year round so I might see if I have old receipts so  can compare prices.  My next step is to compare organic against non-organic not that I would change but  can see what the cost would be if I bought non-organic.

I will also post a review for the whole of January when I have totted up.

Next week will be my first February shop and I am determined to get back to my £50 limit…watch this space.