February Menu Plan – Week 1#

At last…and what kept me so long?  Reading other blogs if I am truthful – a good way to pass an hour or six!!  But as promised a few posts ago my menu plan.  We have already made and eaten most of it as mine begins on a Friday (after the Thursday shop) unlike Menu Plan Monday that I see most people are following.  I am still debating which day is best for shopping so Thursday could be subject to change.

I have tried to use 80% seasonal foods as well as include any foods that were left over in the fridge from last week.


Menu Plan – February Week 1

  • Friday – Leek and Potato Soup (making enough to freeze for a lunch or two at work next week)
  • Saturday – Courgette and Feta Tart – (using up the courgettes and Spring Onion from last week) with winter salad (grated beetroot and carrot, potato salad, coleslaw) and watercress (I know this isn’t exactly seasonal but being vegetarian I need the iron).  Extra salad to take to work.
  • Sunday – Walnut Nut Roast which has peppers in it (to use the last of those expensive ones I bought last week!) with Roast  Parsnips and Brussel Sprouts
  • Monday – Mushroom Strudel (which has brown rice in it) with Sweetheart Cabbage and Sweet Potato
  • Tuesday – Left over Nut Roast with Swede and Potato mash, carrots and frozen peas (otherwise I would have withdrawal symptoms from peas by now) and frozen Broad Beans.
  • Wednesday – Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake (which has potato, celery, leek and a tin of tomatoes) with a Ground Rice pudding and Prunes to follow.
  • Thursday – Pasta with a pot of sauce from the fridge (need quick meal here as I will have been shopping and it will be late) – with any left over veg and  might also sneak in some more Peas.

 Broccoli Bake

So far I have managed to stick to the plan and this means I only buy the veg we need to do the recipes and this cuts down on potential waste as I don’t buy veg just in case I might make something or other.


15 thoughts on “February Menu Plan – Week 1#

  1. Valerie Darbyshire

    It all sounds delicious, and I may be copying some of those dishes. It makes a nice change to read a vegetarian take on menu planning. Keep it up please – to inspire me if nothing else. Thank you.

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      Thank you – I did manage to stick to it – I have just done this coming weeks menu plan and been shopping which I will be posting about soon – I was really excited to see that it is Pancake Day next week and I have been able to incorporate stuffed pancakes into the plan.

  2. Sue

    What lovely sounding food. Menu planning to the seasons really does make for a colourful and balanced plate. The only trouble is your photos are making me hungry and I’ve only just had breakfast 🙂

  3. Anny

    I’m experimenting with the shopping day(s) and meal plan schedule. I find that a whole seven days is too long for us(me) to cope with, so now I try to have a roughly four day plan and aim to do one ‘big’ shop a week which includes non-food items, then a top-up shop as I move into the next four days (just food). I keep back a proportion of the budget to cover the top-up. So far this this working well.

    1. thrift_deluxe

      We do the same Anny.

      We could never quite get the balance right trying to stretch things for a week so we do the main shop mid week then go to the greengrocer at the weekend, it makes things easier and it means I’m not buying too much veg and hoping it lasted the whole week, especially veg for the rabbits. I have a grocery money envelope and a menu plan so overspending isn’t a problem. I plan for the final day of the week to be something where I can sling any lingering veg to get everything used up – pie, stirfry, jambalaya, risotto etc.

      1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

        You sound like you have it all well in hand and I must say this sounds a very sensible plan to me and I am going to give it some serious thought. It sounds like something I could take on board so thanks for the advice.

    2. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      I need to think about the veg in a better way as a whole weeks worth is hard to keep fresh so I might try getting the veg for the first few days of the menu. Sometimes little changes can make all the difference.

  4. thrift_deluxe

    Hi again! The pantry can help with this too if you don’t fancy shopping multiple times a week. If we’re only shopping once a week (as we do occasionally) we move from soft veg that might start to wilt to root veg that lasts longer to pantry meals . So we’d maybe start with satay, ratatouille type of things then move on to cauliflower and potato curry then end with tacos, using tinned beans, dried mushrooms and frozen sweetcorn and spinach.

    I used to dislike menu planning and be one of those “but I don’t want to know I’m having x on a Thursday 3 weeks from now” but I like it now as I can plan ahead, it’s still flexible and if I decide I really don’t want x then it helps me to think “I don’t want x but I could use all the ingredients to make y” so I have something to react against to give me new ideas.

    I love reading about menu plans and what folk keep in their pantry!

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      Do you run training courses – I should sign up if you did!! Thank you for giving me plenty of ideas. It is interesting to hear how everyone else tackles this area of shopping and cooking and I love reading posts and receiving comments about how others do it. For me it is a bit trial and error at the moment – but you have to start somewhere don’t you and then adapt as you go on. I think I am in starting mode at the moment and when I can definitely stick to a plan and reduce my spending then I will start to look at more flexible adaptations and all this advise will be very useful.

      1. thrift_deluxe

        I can’t see myself as a teacher but you never know!

        I agree with you, it’s all trial and error, DH always says to me not every meal has to be a show stopper, if it’s beans on toast when there’s nothing else then it’s a fab treat and better than nothing.

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