Reducing the Spending…the weekly shop 7 & 8#

With one thing or another I am a bit behind with my posts and in fact I can’t even remember myself where I have got to!  So I will do a quick review of the last week or two and then get back on track.

My shopping total for week 7 came to £29.88 a much cheaper shop as I was only buying a few necessary items to be able to make the next seven days menus and I had planned these around using up one or two items such as the Sos Mix and the Christmas pudding.  You can see how I am doing by clicking on the ‘Items to Use up’  tab at the top of the header.  As I incorporate these items from my cupboard/ fridge and freezer that are nearing their use by date into my weekly menu plans I will be crossing them off my list.

Week 8 I spent £25.51 and this was mainly fresh fruit and vegetables however I did need some Britta water filter cartridges and managed to hold out until they were on offer this week but they were my dearest purchase at £9 for a box of only 3.  I had a couple of minor purchases of salad and more nuts on offer over the weekend.  We went to visit my very sick friend and I made Nut Loaf and took salad for lunch for all of us followed by a Cherry Crumble and Creme Fraiche.

I had a £4.50 coupon to spend from Tesco before it expired this week.  Hubby and me paced up and down the isles not really knowing what to spend this on.  We thought maybe cards as we have quite a few birthdays coming up but the selection was very mediocre in our local store.  So then we checked out all our usual purchases but nothing was on offer until I came to the Passata and beans both on offer.  Then we splashed out on a piece of Spanish Manchego cheese as a treat…yum!  My hubby could not believe it took us the best part of an hour to spend £4.50!

Tesco Coupon

In Boots I bought face cream on a 3 for 2 offer and cotton wool pads on buy one get one half price and shower gel for hubby on 3 for 2.  I had been waiting for ages for these items to be on offer and was really scraping the last of the cream and almost down to the last cotton wool pad.  it is a very good feeling not to buy anything at full price.  I feel almost cheated now if I do have to hand over the full amount of cash for any reason.

I have now got two £5 off coupons for Boots No 7 and an extra points coupon for the hair mousse that I use.  I have a coupon for the Body Shop for £10 off a £25.00 purchase in March but I don’t think I would use it so would be happy to post it on to anyone who would like it.

I will be doing a full review for my spending in February and comparing this to January.  I feel that I have done better this month and I have certainly tried harder with both the meal planning and eating meals made of seasonal produce.  Our waste of fruit and veg is quite minimal and at long last I am getting to use up the bits and pieces not only from the food cupboards but also the bathroom cupboard, the craft cupboard and very shortly I will begin in the garage and shed.

How are you doing with your plans so far?


8 thoughts on “Reducing the Spending…the weekly shop 7 & 8#

  1. Anny

    A tricky month for us February – two birthdays and a half term holiday, plus car insurance and TV licence, but although not quite as adept as January, I’ve still managed to keep pretty much on track. I think if I can keep it up in March, it might almost achieve ‘habit’ status – we’ll see.

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      March is going to be a long month for us. Some things are definitely becoming habit now for me. I too have car insurance and a visit from my mum (always expensive!) and a visit to my other mum (still costly but more controllable!)

    1. wherethejourneytakesme Post author

      Sometimes an extra body or one less doesn’t make that much difference. When we had my daughter and her partner here for most of last year we had significant rise in the electricity bills due to the extra long hot showers they had, but our gas heating was much the same price and so was the telephone bills as we have ‘anytime’ call plan.

  2. anexactinglife

    I spent a lot more on groceries in February compared to January. I think in January I had a lot left over from the holidays to use up. It seemed like I needed to stock up on everything. Hopefully that will have a positive impact on March!

  3. thrift_deluxe

    We were on re-stock duties in February too but now we’re topped up with cleaning products, toiletries and dry food hopefully we should keep the spend a little lower this month. We hit our minimum saving target last month but no extra, we were right on with our main budget and had a couple of quid left over from the grocery budget. So we spent but we also did what we needed to do. I’m confident that even with lots of days off in March we’ll make some progress with savings.


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