Reducing the spending…week 39 – day 3 update

Meal day 3 from the store cupboard / fridge and freezer

Chickpea and Tomato Bake

Main Meal – Chickpea and Tomato Bake

An old favourite, quick and easy to make.  I had a packet of chickpeas and a jar of passata in the cupboard.  The tomato base consisted of onion, celery, the final courgette and half the red pepper.

For the topping I used the ciabbatta loaf which I got reduced – cost 80p, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with grated cheddar and parmesan cheese from the freezer to which herbs can be added if required.

I opened a small tub of tomato paste to add to the tomato mixture and so as not to waste the rest of the tub I put it into an ice cube tray to freeze.

Tomato Cubes


I am pleased to report that I did manage to take my lunch today which saved me £3.22.  However I did pick up a smoothie £1.80 and a pack of buttered Soreen malt loaf for a snack whilst at the hairdressers after work – costs £2.39.

I also bought

  • 1 small bag of mini salad potatoes £1
  • 1 carton of lactose free milk £1.48

At the hairdressers I spent a £1 on a piece of choc cake as a donation to the Macmillan Coffee Morning that my hairdresser is holding tomorrow – and it was yummy!

Total spend today £5.87

If you are wondering whether I got my baking done for the Macmillan coffee morning….I did – just in the nick of time.  I settled on a very easy chocolate tray bake coated in dark chocolate and sprinkled with nuts, choc chips and sprinkles.  Sorry didn’t have time to take a picture before having to deliver it to a friend who will take it to work for our coffee morning  tomorrow.

I won’t be attending as I will be on my way to see my younger daughter in Masham accompanied by my elder daughter.  The younger one is opening a new shop called Birdhouse Design, selling crafts and painted vintage furniture.  It is a new venture with two of her friends and I am really looking forward to seeing what they have done.  I may even get some pictures.  So forgive me if I sign off now to have an earlier night.

Tomorrow nights tea will be the left over curry and lunch will be at one of the lovely Masham cafes.



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