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January De-cluttering and No/Low Spend Challenge…

The Toy Boxes

Given that we have no young children or any children for that matter living in the house at the moment it may seem an odd place to begin with the toy boxes and games, but that’s me – no logic whatsoever.  It isn’t that my better half and I sneak out in the middle of the night to play with our much loved toys (I wish!) I just like to keep a  box or two handy for when we have visiting children or we need a family game at Christmas.  I thought this might be one of those places where I could reduce my little hoard.

Now if I were going to extreme minimalism and we never ever used these toys or they were stored in the loft never to see light of day I expect they would have to go.  But I class them as still useful for times when we have visiting children (my own included here) or a family get together.  I always remember going to visit my Gran and she kept an old satchel full of wooden building bricks in her cupboard and I would sit and play with them for hours completely ignoring any other toy that I might have taken with me.

The Troll Family

After having a bit of a rummage through the boxes I decided that perhaps the Troll family (looks like they have all had a bit of a fright!) could go to Charity unless my daughter wants to have them live with her in which case I will give them some bus fare and send them packing.

Marble Run

But I will definitely hang on to the Marble Run – this is great entertainment for both girls and boys (young and old!).

Sindy and Barbie

Sindy meets Barbie for a night out and a shopping spree – very useful when little girls come round. I even washed and pressed their outfits!  Couldn’t see any day clothes though – not working girls then.

Sindy clothes

And who could resist a box full of Mr Men…we have  about 22 of them at the last count (though I swear they could be breeding) courtesy of McDonalds which is surprising to say we have only ever been once, when desperate, and decided Veggie Burgers R certainly not us.  I suspect daughter No 2, who was a bit of a soft toy addict, must have made quite a few sneaky visits in her younger teenage days to collect all these (one free with each meal).  She had them all suspended from fishing wire on her staircase at one time and you can’t help but like the cheeky little fellows.

Mr Men

The Duplo Farm Set about 30 years old and still going strong even after a quick whizz through the washer.  Those little fat hens are so cute.  We have a box full of the bricks too and this is a really good toy if we get very young toddlers coming to see us. Definitely a keeper.

Duplo Farm

In the final box and just as cute are the wooden chicks  – Skittles from Muji – this was actually one of my stocking fillers from my better half last Christmas (he knows me so well!)


My stocking filler from about 30 Christmases ago – probably from Habitat – looking quite worn now…

Wooden Village

…and one or two other games that we can play at our family get togethers.  The Christmas Pud called Pass the Pud is our most recent addition this Christmas –  I can certainly recommend it – we couldn’t play for laughing  – we couldn’t follow the rules either but that might have been the wine!


…and what is in the old Diamond Jubilee OXO tin?……Bingo or should I say Vintage Bingo!


Well I didn’t find very much in the boxes to part with but everything has had a clean and I know I am not hanging onto something that I do not like or will not use.

Toy Boxes 2

The four boxes are from Ikea and make a useful place to store the toys and games as they are quite decorative in themselves and so I don’t need to find cupboard space for them.  As they also stack into a tower and are only just over a foot square it is amazing how they will slot in beside a wardrobe or chest of drawers and they are easily transportable and on hand should we have children visit us.

Surprisingly that took quite a bit of time to ‘de-clutter’ and sort – I just hope I get a bit quicker at this.

I have been following Carlas Decluttering challenge and this is my contribution – it should have been the pantry this week but I have already completed that at the beginning of January.