Incoming Items 2014

One of my challenges this year is to reduce the amount of stuff that comes into my house. However to stop the stuff building up again I also need to reduce any new items coming in. So my idea is to photograph anything that I buy or is given to me that is not food as it comes in through the door. I am hoping that this visual log will both remind me of what I bought or acquired and also make me ask the question did I need it or want it and has it been worthwhile!


  • What I bought Jan-Feb

I scarf and gloves set                                   
1 bunch roses             
3 binders
1 notebook
Spring flowers
2 pillows
1pack expenses forms
Birthday cakes and candles
Car key remote battery
Granite worktop saver
notebook pen holder
garden chair cover
2 Pillows
1 Notebook


Polyfilla crack filler
Polyfiller spreader

What I bought Jan

1 Boots No7 Mascara
2 x Boots No7 Lip gloss
1 Tea Tree Oil
3 Jam Jars
1 Polfilla Stick
I aromatherapy bottle
1 comb
1 travel hairbrush

Shopping Wk 5


1 Tuff box
1 pack plastic card holders
1 strip of binder edges
1 plastc envelope
1 slim propelling pencil



March Purchases

March Purchases



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