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Menu Plan

I almost forgot it was pancake day last week until I strolled down the baking aisle in Sainsbury’s and noticed the empty shelves and a lot of frantic shoppers wondering what they would do now the pancake mixes had all gone!

I always look forward to stuffed pancakes and I have made this recipe for Leek and Mushroom Pancakes a few times.  I use spring onions, celery and young leeks together with button mushrooms and for the batter I use buckwheat flour.

Pancake Day

Pancake Day

Pancake Day

Mushroom and Leek Pancakes

Once the filling is rolled into the pancake I cover them in a white or cheese sauce and sprinkle Parmesan over the top and bake until piping hot and golden brown.

Last weeks menu plan

Menu Plan 3rd to 9th March   

Monday -Pizza and Salad
Tuesday -Mushroom and Leek pancakes
Wednesday -Baked Potato, salad and cheese
Thursday -Samosas and Salad
Friday -Halloumi and Roasted Veg skewers with rice
Saturday -Eating out or Pasta
Sunday -Shepherds Pie with Lentils

On Friday we were both home late so we ended up with good old Egg and Chips with peas as hubby can rustle this up with no help from me.

This coming week I am trying to incorporate some of the ingredients already in my cupboards and fridge so I am making a casserole, omelette and soup so I can throw some of the use up items in.

Menu Plan 10th to 16th March

Monday – Leftover Lentil Shepherds Pie with Broccoli
Tuesday – Tuscan Tomato Casserole with Chickpeas
Wednesday – Omelette filled with courgette and peppers with side salad
 Thursday – Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake
 Friday – Homemade soup with whatever need using up
 Saturday – Cottage – possibly
 Sunday – Soup from Friday

Today is Monday and we are on track so far with the leftover Lentil Shepherds Pie.  I will be using any bits of salad still in the fridge rather than buying any fresh, I know I have a little gem lettuce, cucumber and radish as a base and also a few tomatoes so if I add some peas and buy a small tub of coleslaw I think I can call that a salad.   If we go to the cottage I don’t want heaps of salad items lying around uneaten over the weekend.

As the weather is becoming warmer we will soon be leaving the winter recipes behind and I will be looking at lighter fresher foods and hopefully I will be looking at a lighter fresher me as I believe from the scales that I have gained 3 lbs over the winter months!


February Menu Plan – Week 1#

At last…and what kept me so long?  Reading other blogs if I am truthful – a good way to pass an hour or six!!  But as promised a few posts ago my menu plan.  We have already made and eaten most of it as mine begins on a Friday (after the Thursday shop) unlike Menu Plan Monday that I see most people are following.  I am still debating which day is best for shopping so Thursday could be subject to change.

I have tried to use 80% seasonal foods as well as include any foods that were left over in the fridge from last week.


Menu Plan – February Week 1

  • Friday – Leek and Potato Soup (making enough to freeze for a lunch or two at work next week)
  • Saturday – Courgette and Feta Tart – (using up the courgettes and Spring Onion from last week) with winter salad (grated beetroot and carrot, potato salad, coleslaw) and watercress (I know this isn’t exactly seasonal but being vegetarian I need the iron).  Extra salad to take to work.
  • Sunday – Walnut Nut Roast which has peppers in it (to use the last of those expensive ones I bought last week!) with Roast  Parsnips and Brussel Sprouts
  • Monday – Mushroom Strudel (which has brown rice in it) with Sweetheart Cabbage and Sweet Potato
  • Tuesday – Left over Nut Roast with Swede and Potato mash, carrots and frozen peas (otherwise I would have withdrawal symptoms from peas by now) and frozen Broad Beans.
  • Wednesday – Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake (which has potato, celery, leek and a tin of tomatoes) with a Ground Rice pudding and Prunes to follow.
  • Thursday – Pasta with a pot of sauce from the fridge (need quick meal here as I will have been shopping and it will be late) – with any left over veg and  might also sneak in some more Peas.

 Broccoli Bake

So far I have managed to stick to the plan and this means I only buy the veg we need to do the recipes and this cuts down on potential waste as I don’t buy veg just in case I might make something or other.